Vocation Supreme Mage
 World Progeny
 Level 495
 Experience 2.689.016.743
 Exp to LVL 12.655.298
 Today XP 0
 1 Day XP +4.135.818
 7 Day XP +11.293.789
 30 Day XP +65.273.069
 Guild None
 Residence Falcon
 Status Offline
 Health 2620
 Mana 14645
 Capacity 5305
 Spellpower 1457
 Level Share 330-743
 Magic Level 114
 Cooking 10
 Ultimate Explosion 3352-4373
 Energy Wave 2186-2550
 SD 1894-2477
 UH 3496-4078
 Explosion 436-1017
 GFB 506-946
 Hmm 290-581
check_circle Blood Witches
check_circle Ashlords
check_circle Blasphemer
check_circle Venerator
check_circle Incidamus
check_circle Demorcs
check_circle Demorc Warchiefs
check_circle Cerberuses
check_circle Flamebringers
check_circle Typhons
check_circle Corruptors
check_circle Succubuses
check_circle Dreadlords
check_circle Final Bosses
check_circle Mutated Rats
check_circle Minotaur Archers
check_circle Minotaur Guards
check_circle Dwarf Renegade
check_circle Hirnus Bloodhoof
check_circle Corrupted Watchers
check_circle Dwarf Guards
check_circle Dwarf Slayers
check_circle Hadrian the Crusher
check_circle Dwarf Dragoneaters
check_circle Orc Warriors
check_circle Orc Bowmen
check_circle Orc Berserkers
check_circle Orc Leaders
check_circle General Manos
check_circle Elfs
check_circle Elf Guardians
check_circle Elf Sharpshooters
check_circle Elf Swordmasters
check_circle Larvas
check_circle Scarabs
check_circle Slave Hunters
check_circle Slave Guards
check_circle Shakirian Prayers
check_circle Honou
check_circle Spiders
check_circle Zundram
check_circle War Wolves
check_circle Alpha Wolves
check_circle Cyclops Warriors
check_circle John
check_circle Imperial Soldiers
check_circle Lightbringer Knight
check_circle Royalist
check_circle Lightbringer Heroes
check_circle Mummies
check_circle Skeleton Archers
check_circle Skeleton Sharpshooter
check_circle Commodores
check_circle Swashbucklers
check_circle Crewmen
check_circle Skeleton Plaguespreaders
check_circle Deathkiss Watchers
check_circle Anubis
check_circle Restless Skeletons
check_circle Wights
check_circle Skull Reapers
check_circle Goshnir
check_circle Wraiths
check_circle Abominations
check_circle Undead Titans
check_circle Shadow Drakes
check_circle Undead Dragons
check_circle Waterblobs
check_circle Crystalbeasts
check_circle Wendigos
check_circle Snow Ravagers
check_circle Frost Drakes
check_circle Nether Spiders
check_circle Ice Golems
check_circle Agaltha
check_circle Frost Dragons
check_circle Azure Mercenaries
check_circle Fire Devil
check_circle Crystal Beetles
check_circle Grim Adepts
check_circle Master Zegrath
check_circle Dark Grim
check_circle Jothuns
check_circle Swamp Demons
check_circle Orc Commander
check_circle Zilrazath
check_circle Azgath
check_circle Nightmares
check_circle Ancient Watchers
check_circle Boggles
check_circle Centaurs
circle Red Fungi
check_circle Air Elementals
check_circle Storm Elementals
check_circle Blight Omens
check_circle Magma Dragons
check_circle Obsidian Dragons
check_circle Ancient Dragons
check_circle Priest of Light
check_circle Holy Sentinel
check_circle Icons of Light
check_circle Chaos Worshipers
check_circle Shadow Guards
check_circle Ritualists

Kills Level Victim
No data
Deaths Level Killer
No data

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